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College Basketball Betting Strategy
Where do we start when looking to develop a college basketball betting strategy? The first place I begin is with line value.
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College Basketball Sports Betting Tips

The amount of college basketball sports betting tips is truly infinite, almost like the amount of games of this sport’s regular season. College basketball sports betting offers, to the smart player, opportunities that don’t exist in other sports, particularly professional, because of the sheer volume of teams and games involved.

One of the most important college basketball sports betting tips is to devise a coherent and consistent sports betting strategy and approach, be it looking for power dogs, or big number dogs from mid-major conferences or certain home court set ups.

An important college basketball sports betting tip is to avoid trying to do too much. This is the trap that so many sports betting players fall into, as they actually try too hard, looking at all of the teams, (which is impossible to do in depth), rather than concentrating on a more detailed strategy that trims down the work, yet increases the attention to detail.

During the pre season tournaments, a good college basketball sports betting tip is to not reach with unproven teams. Memphis this season is a good example. They were ranked in the preseason top 25 and yet had issues that prevented them from being considered a true “proven” commodity and those who reached without reason on the Tigers ended up with burned pockets.

Illinois, on the other hand, had such a strong finish last year and returned so many players from that team that sports betting players knew that they could rely on the Illini to be an excellent team and, in fact, Illinois failed to beat the sportsbooks just once in their first 8 lined games before the “word” got out. A good college basketball sports betting tip is to find a team that finished strong with a lot of returning players. Usually the previous seasons finish serves as a springboard for the following year.

Missouri has been an excellent team to “pick on” and just a horrible value ever since the over hyped Quin Snyder became coach. Snyder, for whatever reason, was over hyped and sold and a new age coach and yet his teams have proven year in and year out to be totally undisciplined and incapable of sustaining momentum. Mizzou is also a team that cannot handle success, and is often a good club to oppose after they do something good. Sure enough, after a four game winning streak against the sportsbooks this season the Tigers failed to keep it up and failed to beat the sportsbooks in 4 of their following six games, leaving many ignorant sports betting players holding the empty bag. The college basketball sports betting tip and morale to this story is to focus on just a few teams, learn their strengths, weaknesses and tendencies, and exploit them.

It isn’t important that you key on all good teams, focus on bad ones too, along with recurring patters and “personality” traits for each team, and you’ll separate yourself from the herd and likely end up with a bankroll on the plus side this college basketball season.

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